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Tubes for machinery and plant construction

Tubes for machinery and plant construction

Ours is an age of technical innovation. Machinery and plant construction must therefore adapt to ever new methods of manufacturing an ever growing number of different products.

As a versatile structural element, steel tube plays an important role in this context, largely owing to its outstanding stability coupled with low deadweight.

HFI-welded steel pipes are supplied in conformity with national and international standards and customer specifications for application areas including:

  • as structural element in machinery and plant construction
  • in materials handling
  • in construction equipment
  • in textile machinery
  • in agricultural equipment and harvesters
  • in crane construction
  • in transport facilities
  • in road and rail vehicle construction
  • and much more

At the customer's request, our tubes and pipes can be supplied in mill lengths of up to 18 m or in any required length, with the length tolerance being subject to special agreement. The pipe ends can either be plain as cut or prepared for further processing (machined, beveled or thermally cut). If required, the pipe ends can also be prepared for non-permanent connection with flanges, socket joints, Victaulic or clamp couplings.
In accordance with customer requirements, the pipe is supplied either black and untreated, with temporary corrosion protection, or with a durable anti-corrosion lining and/or coating.

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