Oilfield tubulars (OCTG)

The broad product portfolio of Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH also includes HFI-welded plain-end oilfield tubes to API 5CT in the 4 ½" (114.3 mm) to 24" (610.0 mm) size range.

These oilfield tubes – or OCTG products (Oil Country Tubular Goods) – can be either casings or tubings. Their applications include classic oil and gas wells, geothermal wells and water wells, i.e. underground caverns or aquifers.

Our manufacturing program comprises the following API 5CT standard grades

Cold finished

  • H40
  • J55
  • K55 (similar to J550 but with higher minimum tensile strength)

Heat treated (quenched and tempered)

  • N80 Q
  • L80 (compared to N80, this material is subject to more stringent requirements in terms of maximum yield strength and maximum hardness. According to NACE MR0175, grade L80 steel can also be used in wells with sour (H2S) environments.)
  • R95 (yield and tensile strength between N80/L80 and P110)
  • P110 (for general use in deep wells)

Besides the standard grades, we have developed and supplied other grade variants for these products in response to individual customer needs, such as:

  • Tubes for underground storage applications such as caverns, where the tubes are not threaded and coupled but welded together on the rig – usually supplied with beveled ends (with specified notch impact toughness at -20 °C and restricted carbon equivalent):
    • J55 weldable (CET as per SEW088)
    • N80 Q weldable (quench and temper heat treated, CET as per SEW088)

  • Normalized tubes: K55 FBN (FBN = full-body normalized. In addition to K55 requirements, this material meets Charpy V-notch impact energy requirements at 0 °C (32 °F) as per API 5CT SR16.)
  • High-collapse tubes – On request, depending on the size and grade concerned, we can also check whether a given tube material and size can be produced with increased resistance to external pressure.
  • J55 UPG – J55 grade to API with an upgrade option. Similar to Green Tubes, these tubes can be upgraded to N80, L80, R95 or P110 by special heat treatment.

Our plant in Hamm produces tubes in diameters of 12 ¾" (323.9) to 24" (610.0 mm) and has a heat treatment shop for normalizing and quench & temper treatment of the tubes. In addition, a full-body ultrasonic testing facility has been installed downstream of the hydrostatic pipe tester, so as to accommodate in-line non-destructive testing of the heat-treated tubes as specified by the applicable standards.

Our plant in Siegen covers the 4 ½" (114.3 mm) to 16" (406.4 mm) size range. Any necessary heat treatment of these tubes is carried out at the Hamm location.

Why not take advantage of our expertise? Together with you and our partners, we develop flexible and, if required, unconventional solutions that are perfectly customized to your needs. With us, you can plan swiftly and reliably, for response times at Mannesmann Line Pipe are deliberately kept short.