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CM lining

Line pipe for the transportation of drinking water, industrial water and waste water

Our standard lining for drinking water pipe prevents incrustation and ensures good hydraulic properties. It provides active corrosion protection in two ways. First, it is an effective barrier between the steel pipe and the pipeline medium. At the same time, cracks and crevices close spontaneously in non-aggressive waters thanks to the lining's self-healing property. In addition, the mortar constituents promote the formation of passive layers on any bare sites in the steel surface near the lining.

For specific applications such as waste water, salt water and brines or aqueous media in oil and gas exploration drillings, special lining variants are available.

Cement mortar lining CM-S

Lining according to DIN 2880, EN 10298
Based on CEM I (Portland cement)

Excellent hygienic characteristics, optimally suited to drinking water through the use of CEM I, resistance to sulfate (variety S)

Application example
Standard lining for drinking water line pipe

Cement mortar lining CM-V

Lining according to DIN 2880, EN 10298
Based on CEM III (blast furnace cement)

High resistance to chemical attack

Application example
Sewers (open channels)

CM lining

Other linings to customer specifications

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