Occupational health & safety management

Our highly skilled employees are and remain the key to high-quality products and customer satisfaction. In pursuit of our responsibility towards our employees we have made occupational health and safety an important pillar within our management system.

We promote occupational health and safety in various ways:

  • Intensive training of our employees and third-parties provides the basis for the safety-oriented culture within our company.Regular close controlling of all safety-relevant indicators regarding accidents and, especially, recording and evaluation of near accidents.
  • All management programs must be geared to continuously minimizing workplace accidents and encumbrances.

The effectiveness of our occupational health and safety measures is verified in annual audits by independent certification societies in line with the international DIN ISO 45001 standard and checked by internal auditors.

Besides occupational health and safety, an important demand we place on our management system is the promotion of our employees' health and well-being.

As part of our health management

  • we have devised a program of health care and safety training measures for our employees;
  • our trainees go through a special health care and fitness program;
  • we promote workplace ergonomics, sport and fitness activities and a healthy diet;
  • we encourage our employees to strive for a healthy work-life balance;
  • we frequently adopt new approaches proposed by professionals from the health care sector.