Quality management

The high quality standard of our products makes us a powerful and competent partner. Therefore the constant control and optimization of our product quality is a core task of our employees.

We are in a position to offer our customers durable pipes that meet all the relevant specifications, because

  • we manufacture every single pipe with the same care, and every single pipe is subject to the same quality management regime – from starting product to final inspection.
  • for us, quality management also means that all the processes involved – from hot wide strip production to pipe shaping and welding right up to technical support during subsequent pipe-laying – are subject to continuous monitoring and control.
  • our quality assurance measures through all the stations of pipe production are part of the process description and determine our day-to-day work – far beyond the scope of standard requirements.

The process sequences, including all the quality assurance measures, are documented in the Quality Management section of our Integrated Management Manual (IMM) and in specific procedures. They are also subject to ongoing revision to ensure that our products and services maintain their superior quality long-term.

Our first Quality Manual was written in 1986 and has since been continuously optimized. To verify the effectiveness of our structured quality management we undergo Certification procedures to the international standards DIN EN ISO 9001 und API Q1 at regular intervals.