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The subsidiaries of the Mannesmann business unit are a core element of Salzgitter AG. They manufacture seamless and welded steel tubes on three continents – for the entire world. So we can say with pride that our products are in service around the world – as large-diameter and conduit pipelines, precision steel tubes, stainless steel tubes and many more.

More information on www.mannesmann.com.

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mindfulness of tomorrow. As an enterprise with generations of success behind it, we are aware of the responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with the world-wide transport of oil, gas and water. Mannesmann stands for tubes in a quality that ensures maximum reliability: for the environment and for our customers as well.


the challenge that stimulates architects and engineers around the world to give their all. 

The masterful simplicity of the pyramids of Gizeh provided the inspiration for the winning design for the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Magnificent impact, ingeniously implemented: the facade of the new structure is being constructed using MSH profiles that support the monumental stone panels.

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the development of successful solutions. Whether in harvesting solar energy, utilizing geothermal energy, transporting and storing hydrogen or embedded in the foundation structures of wind turbines, Mannesmann is playing an active part in the renewable energy mix of tomorrow.


effective collaboration in the rescue of Venice. Since 1993, the water in this city on the lagoon has risen above the critical level more than 50 times. This world heritage site by the sea was thus faced with the mammoth task of controlling water better. Our solution: steel sheet piling reinforced with tubes will protect Venice more effectively in future.

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the pioneering spirit that has driven engineers and scientists around the world since the development of the seamless steel tube. At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, subatomic particles are accelerated to almost the speed of light and caused to collide in our stainless steel tubes. They are thus helping to expand the boundaries of modern physics.



the joy of perfection in mobility. Invented in the same year as the automobile, Mannesmann tubes also continue to make history.

Drive shafts, airbags, stabilisers, camshafts and shock absorbers – our precision steel tubes ensure reliable automotive performance beneath the surface. Everywhere. For 130 years.

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