Environmental management

We feel obligated to contribute towards the protection of the environment. Through ongoing monitoring of all relevant environmental indicators and their consistent incorporation in management and corporate goals we continuously reduce the environmental impact of our production activities.

The most important pillars of our environmental management system are:

  • Determining and regularly updating the environmental impact of our pipe production activities and associated logistic processes, from starting material production to the shipment of finished products. We also take account of external environmental aspects in the procurement of raw materials, goods and services.
  • Identifying and continuously updating statutory regulations regarding environmental protection, and implementation of the resultant measures.
  • Capturing and close monitoring of relevant environmental indicators as a basis for continuous sustainable improvement in the consumption of resources and reduction of emissions.
  • A process of continuous improvement based on the definition of annual goals and consistent implementation of the environmental program derived therefrom.

The effectiveness of our environmental management measures is checked in regular internal audits. In addition, to document that we meet the highest standards, we are certified (and annually re-certified) according to DIN EN ISO 14001 by an independent certification society.