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Data sheets

In the following, we will provide you with data sheets with compressed information on new developments and offers.

HFI-welded steel pipes for low-temperature pipelines

HFI-welded steel pipes for the transportation and storage of hydrogen

MAPUR® field coating cystem - Corrosion protection and mechanical protection all in one

Multi-layer coating systems for steel pipe - Seperate functionalities of corrosion protection and mechanical protection

Polyamide 12 - A high-strength material for steel pipe coating

HFI-welded steel pipes for oil-gathering systems in water-flooded oilfields

HFI-welded steel pipes for wastewater, salt water, brines and similar media - Corrosion protection by linings

HFI-welded steel pipes for abrasive media - Material solutions taking account of the corrosive effect of the transported media

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