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As a competent logistics partner, Mannesmann Line Pipe is committed not only to the appropriate and safe transport of its products. It also attaches great importance to a sound and efficient logistics chain – from the plant to the agreed destination. Our special focus here is on reducing loads on the environment by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

When choosing our logistical service providers, we look for quality and reliability. In this way, we ensure that your order arrives punctually and in excellent condition, wherever you need it worldwide. 

What makes our logistics different:

  • Competent logistical support for your projects from inquiry to delivery
  • Optimized selection of road, rail and ship forwarding in terms of cost efficiency and, above all, environmental footprint
  • DEKRA-certified securing of loads for truck transport
  • Expert support in the choice of stockyards and transport routes
  • If desired, unloading and deposition of the pipes along the pipeline route or storage of the pipes in stacks, plus interface checks during transshipment
  • Supplementary logistical services for steel pipes
  • Competent customs and preferential processing (AEO-certified).


The environmental impact of Mannesmann Line Pipe's transport-related emissions in 2018 has been significantly reduced through the use of rail transport. This is our positive contribution towards climate protection.

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