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In Wolfsburg, two state-of-the-art gas-fired power plants will safeguard the future supply of energy to the VW plant and the city of Wolfsburg. To ensure that they can also be operated with hydrogen in the longer term, Mannesmann H2ready® pipes from Mannesmann Line Pipe have been used in the construction of the supply pipeline. In total, it consists of almost 1,900 pipes with individual lengths of up to 18 meters, grade L360NE, mainly with a diameter of 406.4 mm. Running parallel to an existing pipeline, the new pipeline was laid over a length of 9 km using a trenchless method that is particularly gentle on the environment. For this purpose, however, the pipes were additionally wrapped in GRP. A total of 14 HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) boreholes were drilled in the vicinity of rivers, canals, roads and railroad lines.

Mannesmann Line Pipe | The specialist for HFI-welded steel pipes

This film gives a brief insight into the production process of our HFI-welded steel pipes - from hot strip to finished tube.

Mannesmann H2ready®

Well equipped for the energy carrier of the future. We explain why Mannesmann H2ready pipes are optimally designed for the transport and storage of hydrogen.