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A reliable supply of energy is one of the essential prerequisites for economic growth, employment and prosperity. HFI-welded steel pipes from Mannesmann Line Pipe make a vital contribution to supply security in Germany and across Europe.

Teaser picture with link to the Innovations Site, section NH3, of Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH.

Mannesmann NH3ready

Mannesmann steel pipes store and transport ammonia, the energy source of the future - safely and economically!

Teaser picture with link to Salzgitter press release on EWE's pipeline of the future

Mannesmann Line Pipe supplying for EWE's pipeline of the future

H2ready steel pipes linking up to the Wilhelmshaven LNG terminal.

Press release of Salzgitter AG

AquaVentus - the green energy revolution starts in the North Sea.

Mannesmann Line Pipe supports initiative through membership!

To the website of AquaVentus

To membership certificate

Deputy Minister-President Mona Neubaur visits Mannesmann Line Pipe in Hamm

LNG terminal Wilhelmshaven - Mannesmann Line Pipe in Hamm to supply steel pipes for connecting pipeline!

Deputy Minister-President Mona Neubaur gets information on site.

Press release of Salzgitter AG

Picture with link to video On the Way into the Future - Mannesmann H2ready® steel pipes for Gasunie

On the Way into the Future!

Mannesmann H2ready® steel pipes for Gasunie. The project Walle — Wolfsburg, from the coil to pipe laying.

Mannesmann CO2ready®

Steel line pipe from Mannesmann Line Pipe - optimally suited for transporting and storing carbon dioxide!

Mannesmann Premium Line Pipe for the toughest requirements

As of now we have 6 different dimensions in stock - without minimum order quantity!

Mannesmann for cryogenic media

HFI-welded steel pipes for the transport of gaseous and liquefied media at ultra-low temperatures

Mannesmann H2ready®

Transport and storage of hydrogen - clean, safe and economical!

HFI-welded steel pipe from MANNESMANN.
Highest quality and safety for your projects.

Manufacturing program

Our manufacturing program comprises steel pipes in top quality for diverse applications as well as a broad portfolio of related accessories and services.

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