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Certified load securing

Road trials in cooperation with DEKRA

Road trials for load securing

Effective load securing ranks among the most important tasks in the context of workplace safety at Mannesmann Line Pipe. For us, safe pipe transport is an obligation we have vis-à-vis our employees, our customers and other road users.

To date, however, neither DIN EN 12195 1+2 nor VDI2700 ff. provide precise instructions as to how to secure our HFI-welded steel pipes for transportation. Therefore we have decided to have our load securing practice certified by a specialized department of DEKRA Automobil GmbH in Bielefeld.

Nine days of testing with countless road trials, not all of them entirely successful initially, yielded many findings that surprised all those involved. In the end, however, a configuration for an effective load securing system was developed that meets all statutory requirements and was certified accordingly by DEKRA.

The photos and footage shown here give you some idea of the forces acting on vehicle and load during the transportation of our pipes. But see for yourself.

Videos about the road trials

Braking test at 1g
Successful S-curve trip at 0.5 g
Inadequately secured load

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