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Heat treatment

Heat treatment

Especially in the manufacture of OCTG (oil country tubular goods), high-quality steel grades are used, whose mechanical and technological properties are optimized by heat treatment.

At our Hamm location, we can carry out full-body heat treatment (quench & temper treatment) on pipes in all available dimensions. The pipes are inductively austenitized in a continuous process, followed by quenching in water and subsequent inductive tempering. This gives them the required strength and toughness.

This process can be applied to all current OCTG grades, such as N80Q, L80 or P110, as well as special grades for specific requirements. At the customer's request, we can also produce high-strength line pipe using our full-body quench-and-temper treatment.

Of course we also carry out heat treatment without quenching, for example, to produce the OCTG grade K55 as an FBN variant, line pipe for special offshore requirements, such as high-collapse grades, or for R-lay projects (e.g. X52NO), fully annealed offshore hollow sections (e.g. S355G13+H), or hot finished hollow sections to EN 10210 (e.g. S355NH).

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