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Plastic coating

Plastic coating using the blown film extrusion process

We offer a full range of plastic coatings for our HFI-welded steel pipes to match all customer requirements in terms of soil conditions and the media to be transported (see MAPEC® solutions for oil & gas or water line pipe).

Our polyethylene and polypropylene coatings are made up of three layers: an epoxy resin primer, an adhesive agent, and a top layer of polyethylene or polypropylene.

After shot blasting of the previously dried pipes to a specified degree of cleanliness, i.e. SA 2.5 according to DIN 30670 (PE coating) and DIN 30678 (PP coating), and preheating to about 200 °C, the epoxy resin primer and the adhesive agent are applied by electrostatic powder spraying. The adhesive agent is a copolymer matched to the material of the top coating. This is applied during the last coating step as a seamless tube using the blown film extrusion process. If required, the described coating structure may be complemented by further layers.


Coating process

Coating process
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