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Line pipe for the transportation of drinking water, industrial water and wastewater

Line pipe for the transportation of drinking water, industrial water and wastewater

With Mannesmann Line Pipe by your side you can be sure of completing your water pipeline project cost-effectively and on schedule. From our wide range of steel grades, outside diameters and wall thicknesses as well as pipe lengths, coatings and linings, and the many different connection types, we can prepare an offer that precisely matches your specific application profile.

Mannesmann started supplying steel line pipe to the water management industry well over 130 years ago. This included both seamless and welded pipes, some of which are still in place and fully operational. Mannesmann Line Pipe continues this tradition with its state-of the-art production of HFI-welded steel pipe.

Drawing from our extensive experience gained in numerous national and international projects we offer our customers optimal solutions, in both engineering and economic terms, for all kinds of drinking and wastewater applications. We provide all-round consultation to public utilities, planning agencies, pipeline constructors and other partners in the market with the objective of maximizing safety and cost effectiveness in pipeline construction.

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