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MAPEC® solutions

Line pipe for oil and other combustible liquids, natural gas and other gaseous media

MAPEC® is the registered trade mark for plastic coating systems consisting of polyethylene, polypropylene (PE/PP) or polyamide (VESTAMID®). These coatings are made exclusively of proven and approved materials and applied using the blown film extrusion process. It meets all the applicable national and international standards (e.g. DIN, EN, ISO, CAN/CSA) and, of course, the most exacting customer specifications.

There are various types of MAPEC® coating available to suit all types of terrain and service conditions up to operating temperatures of 85 °C (PE)/110 °C (PP). For particularly challenging and complex pipe-laying projects, we offer a range of MAPEC® advanced solutions. In addition, as a complement to plastic coatings, a Fiber cement mortar coating is available.

The plastic-coated pipes are marked in line with the applicable standard. If required, additional markings can be applied to customer specifications. These include Colored strip markings. After coating, the pipe ends are usually provided with temporary corrosion protection.

At the customer's request, all coatings can also be supplied to other international standards and individual customer specifications.

MAPEC® polyethylene (HDPE) coating*

MAPEC® polyethylene (HDPE) coating

Service temperatures up to 85 °C

3-layer coating, consisting of 1) Epoxy resin primer, 2) Adhesive and 3) Polyethylene

Product properties
Standard corrosion protection for line pipe, also in aggressive soils

Range of applications
Pipelines buried in rock-free soils

* „HD“ stands for „high density".

MAPEC® polypropylene (PP) coating

MAPEC® polypropylene (PP) coating

with T from 0 °C to 110 °C (higher temperatures on request)

3-layer coating, consisting of 1) Epoxy resin primer, 2) Adhesive and 3) Polypropylene.

Product properties
Efficient corrosion protection for increased service temperatures up to 110 °C (coatings for higher temperatures on request). Also available for pipe with an epoxy resin flow coat lining for significantly reduced friction losses.

Range of applications
Increased (external or internal) thermal loads on the pipe coating. General conditions in pipe-laying, transportation and storage must be observed.

MAPEC® plastic coating with integrated axial ribbing

MAPEC® plastic coating with integrated axial ribbing

3-layer coating (PE or PP), consisting of 1) Epoxy resin primer, 2) Adhesive and 3) Special MAPEC® layer with axial ribbing

Product properties
Pipe coating with increased resistance to mechanical impact and abrasion

Range of application
Buried pipe-laying and pipe relining projects, due to the increased abrasion protection provided by the coating.

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