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Group family

The Salzgitter Group with its numerous steel producing and processing companies ranks among the most important steel and technology groups in Europe. Its offering comprises all the services of an internationally operating group of companies. The manufacturing program of the Business Unit Mannesmann covers a wide range of steel tube and pipe including - but not limited to - large-diameter and line pipe, precision steel tubes, and stainless steel tubes.

The advantages resulting from synergies in the areas of starting material, product portfolio and services are directly passed on to our customers. Besides the sales structures within the producing companies, our group has set up a close-knit European sales network as well as numerous trading companies and sales offices in all parts of the world.

The know-how existing in our producing companies is continuously optimized in cooperation with the Group's own research institute, Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH, and external research partners. The associated comprehensive know-how transfer benefits all parties involved, and most of all our customers.

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