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 / COVID-19 Pandemic - Customer Information

COVID-19 Pandemic - Customer Information

Dear Customers,

Despite all necessary precautionary measures and restrictions involved with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have, to date, succeeded in maintaining business operations and supplying our customers with our products.

As you know, we source most of our semi-finished products and raw material from companies of the Salzgitter group and other West European steel manufacturers. To make sure we can react on any disruptions in the supply chain at an early stage, we are in permanent and close contact with our colleagues and partners.

Internally, we have assessed all organisational processes as well as those fraught with risk and drawn up emergency plans which will be applied if necessary.

Should production downtimes occur in connection with the ongoing crisis, leading to supply bottlenecks on your side, we will get in touch with your purchasing department and/or the responsible contacts of your logistics department to discuss the steps to be taken next.

Especially at times like this we put great emphasis on clear and early mutual communication, as only in close coordination with our customers we will be able to face this situation so difficult for all of us as good as possible.

Best regards,

Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH
Board of Management


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